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Ahead with CPE Student's & Skills Pack

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Sean Haughton

Ahead with CPE, is a practice test book which includes:

  • 8 complete practice tests for the Cambridge exam

  • Information about the CPE with a detailed description of each section of the exam is included

  • Tips-strategies for exam preparation

  • Alphabetised glossary

  • Sample answers for writing paper (teachers' books)

  • Sample dialogue for speaking paper (teachers' book)

  • Full listening tape scripts available online MP3 CD included


The most unique thing about our publication which sets it apart from the rest of the CPE market is that we have produced a Skills Builder book for the writing and speaking. The Skills Builder can be used in correlation with the Ahead with CPE practice tests or independently and it includes:

  • 50 pages of preparation and skills practice for the CPE Writing and Speaking papers

  • Specific instruction and preparation for all the Writing parts

  • Specific instruction and preparation for all the Speaking parts


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