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Listening Planner 3

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Secondary/Young Adults/Adults

Listening Planner is a three-level intermediate listening series designed to strengthen students’ English comprehension skills in social and academic settings.

Listening Planner features extensive theme-based topics and tasks that use context-embedded language to motivate learners.

Listening Tasks 1 and 2 cover the real-life situations that students encounter both in and out of the classroom.

Listening Task 3 includes a variety of lectures, commercials, interviews, news reports, class presentations and announcements that reinforce learners’ listening comprehension skill.

Listening Planner is accompanied by colorful photographs and illustrations which will help students acquire essential listening skills as well as basic speaking, writing and note taking skills.

Key Features

  • New vocabulary and phrases in each unit
  • Relevant theme-based topics
  • Introduction to essay writing and note-taking
  • Listening comprehension tasks and activities
  • Wide range of real-life situations
  • Listening Skills to strengthen listening strategies
  • Integration of listening, writing and speaking skills 

Listening Planner 3 with Workbook / 9788959974979


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