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Stories of My Life

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Secondary/Young Adults/Adults
Odiléa Rocha Erkaya
An Integrated Skills Book for ESL/EFL Learners

Stories of My Life: An Integrated Skills Book for ESL/EFL Learners contains ten short stories written by the author of the textbook.Each short story deals with a different topic appropriate for teenage and older learners of English. The textbook is for intermediate to high-intermediate learners of ESL/EFL.

The textbook was designed in a way that there is an emphasis on the four skills and consists of ten units. Each unit is comprised of a short story with six parts. In addition to eight units, itincludes a glossary of terms, bibliography, and sources for instructors. All units are organized the same way.

Part I - Before You Read

Part II - Focus on Comprehension and Discussion

Part III - Focus on Literary Elements

Part IV - Focus on Role Play Part V - Focus on Language

Part VI - Focus on Writing

Stories of My Life: An Integrated Skills Book for ESL/EFL Learners helps students to listen to and understand their instructor and peers; participate in discussions; and practice speaking, reading, and writing the language. It will also help them to speak and write better. As far as critical thinking is concerned, our students must be trained to be critical thinkers because critical thinking is an essential skill.


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