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Reading Sense 3

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Primary / Lower Secondary
Reading Sense is a three-level reading series for high-beginner students.

Reading Sense helps students develop the reading comprehension skills to read passages effectively, whether for fun or to gain information.

The reading passages are selected to expand students' imaginations, and the follow-on activities are designed to strengthen their thinking skills. Systematic activities cover the key areas of learning-vocabulary, reading comprehension, listening & speaking.

Key Features

  • Topics to stimulate the imagination: to help them rediscover reading as a fun experience
  • Theme-based topics: three fiction passages and a non-fiction passage grouped together on a single theme
  • Graphic organizers: to help students structure their thinking
  • Listening and speaking activities: to transform reading into output skills
  • Captivating illustrations: to help students feel involved with the passages
  • Workbook provided for homework: with vocabulary review and writing activities

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