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Reading Wise - Learning Through Asian Folktales 1

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Primary/Lower Secondary
Helen Kirkpatrick

Reading Wise is a three-book reading series for high beginners and pre-intermediate learners of English.

Each of the books' 20 units includes a variety of activities based on the main story of the unit that are sure to keep learners engaged and active as they practice their language skills. Through story-based reading, listening, writing, and speaking activities, learners will gradually increase their communicative skills in English.

  • Vocabulary Preview activities presenting synonyms and helpful contexts for key vocabulary
  • Language Focus activities to develop learners' understanding of usage and meaning of grammatical structures that appear in the reading passage
  • Picture Story activities to support students oral retelling of stories and sentence writing
  • Dialog activities to encourage practice of oral fluency and pronunciation
  • Summary activities to reinforce key vocabulary acquisition
  • Expansion activities to allow students to creatively practice language skills through group work

Student Book 1 with Audio CD / 978-1-59966-532-0


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Level 1

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