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Reading Jump 1

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Secondary/Young Adults/Adults
Casey Malarcher

Reading Jump is a three-book reading series designed for high-beginning to intermediate learners of English.

Thematically grouped passages focus on entertainment, art, health or sports, the environment, science, social science, people, culture, nature, and history to give students a wide range of interesting topics.

Student Book

  • Limited key vocabulary in each unit which increases in number for upper level books
  • Informative reading passage structured in familiar organizational patterns
  • Writing-based comprehension questions to develop learners’ skills
  • Warm-Up: Two content-specific questions designed to stimulate interest and discussion
  • Vocabulary Preview: Matching exercise with key vocabulary defined
  • Reading Passage: Carefully graded passages with suggested time limits at the end of each
  • Comprehension Check: Five multiple choice questions focusing on specific details of the passage
  • Summary: Fill in the blank activity further checking students’ understanding
  • Writing: Comprehension-style questions allowing students to answer in their own words
  • Think & Write (at end of Student Book): Review of each unit


  • A variety of vocabulary exercises alternating throughout each book
  • Additional comprehension check to reinforce vocabulary acquisition and general understanding
  • Dictation activities to build students’ listening skills
  • Vocabulary Practice: Alternating puzzle and multiple choice questions reinforcing vocabulary
  • Comprehension Check: Complete the sentence activity targeting used vocabulary and true or false questions checking the understanding of significant details
  • Dictation: Fill in the blank activity enabling students to further develop their listening skills 

Reading Jump 1 with Workbook and CD / 978-1-59966-626-6


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