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English Chest 6 Workbook

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Captivating and challenging, English Chest is a children's curriculum designed specifically for young EFL students.

This is the sixth book of the series.

This six-level comprehensive language program is a fresh and interesting way for beginner students to study English. Throughout the series, students will advance from simple phrases to complex sentences with ease and comfort. As the name suggests, English Chest is a treasure-trove for teachers and students alike.

Each lesson of English Chest includes conversations, stories, language builders, songs, games, and activities specifically developed to improve reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. The wide variety of exercises guarantees that students of all learning styles will find entertainment and satisfaction.

  • Engaging games, group activities, and songs
  • Reading, listening, speaking, and writing activities
  • Full-color illustrations and photographs
  • Accompanying audio recordings
  • Teacher's guides with answer keys and teaching tips
  • Workbooks Free Audio CD

Student Book

  • Contains level-appropriate language targets, activities, stories, and songs
  • Skill and activity headings subdivide each lesson so lessons can be easily adapted to suit a variety of course structures.


  • Provides additional useful practice and reinforcement of each lesson's language targets
  • Is suitable for either in-class use or as a homework supplement

Teacher's Guide with Teacher's Resource CD-ROM

  • Includes teaching strategies and supplemental activity ideas to accompany each section of the lesson presented in the Student Book
  • Provides step-by-step instructions which guide teachers through each section with warm-up or introduction ideas, activity organization, and optional follow-up tips
  • Offers Explanations that are accompanied by full-color images of the Student Book pages to help teachers see how activity instructions and tips relate to what the students see in their own books during the lesson

Includes Teacher's Resource CD-ROM which features;

  • MP3 audio files including all the audio tracks from the Student Book along with additional tracks to accompany the tests which can be used as Lesson, Unit, or Final tests
  • Printable files for a placement test, 12 lesson review tests, three unit review tests, a final test, and 12 supplemental vocabulary tests
  • Printable flashcards, wordlists, and song lyrics
  • A complete answer key for the Workbook and a PowerPoint walkthrough of a unit from the Student Book 

Workbook 6 978-1-59966-395-1


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Level 6

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