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Travel and Tourism

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Secondary/Young Adults/Adults
Dr Ruth Wajnryb
Pre-Intermediate - Intermediate

Travel and Tourism is a listening and speaking course aimed at students who are studying English for the hospitality industry.

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Travel and Tourism highlights the vocabulary and grammatical structures commonly used by travellers, whether for business or pleasure, and people they must converse with. These range from travel agents to airline staff, hotel staff, waiters and tour guides.

Travel and Tourism is accompanied by 60 minutes of video that contain all the dialogues filmed in actual locations. Every effort has been made to ensure authenticity of language and situation.

  • Real-world integration with video and photographs integrated into the course
  • Simple, accessible, easy-to-follow format
  • Conflict resolution strategies and language
  • Practice activities that mirror real-life situations
  • Emphasis on anticipating and resolving problems, providing confidence and skill in dealing with unexpected situations

Student's Book + VCD (1) / 9789757103127


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Nüans Publishing

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