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Night Zookeeper

Night Zookeeper is your online writing tool, class blog and library of interactive lessons. 

Night Zookeeper is your online writing tool, class blog and library of interactive lessons. 

Make Writing Magical

  • A safe creative writing community for kids

  • Perfect for homeschooling

  • Over 1,000 different learning games and activities


How it works? 

WORDS - Fun, engaging games that increase vocabulary and improve spelling.

SENTENCES - Puzzles and challenges that develop grammar and structure skills.

STORIES - Inspiring prompts and story creation lessons that spark imaginations. 

Inspired by their own creations

Children draw their own magical characters that go with them through the Night Zoo, developing and growing their creative writing skills. 

Growing a rich vocabulary

The foundation of all great writers is their broad and rich vocabulary. We help your children learn thousands of new words through exciting, personalised activities and games.

Developing grammar skills

As children progress, they'll encounter sentence building games, short writing challenges and many more exciting activities that help them to use these new words in longer, more complex sentences.

Writing creative stories

Children are then challenged to put their learning into action, producing stories, reports, poems and other styles of writing. Their work will live in a personal portfolio that can be shared with family, friends and a global audience!

Fast and effective feedback

Children get instant feedback on everything they write. They’re encouraged to improve their writing as they receive comments from Night Zookeeper characters, as well as personalised feedback from our team of educators.



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