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Grammar File

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Secondary/Young Adults/Adults
Elementary & Intermediate

Grammar File is an ideal supplementary material aiming to develop essential structural points in language learning.

Grammar File provides the learners with the usage, form and practice altogether for each comprehensive unit.

This innovative grammar book contains;

  • A hundred and five two-page units
  • Consolidation exercises after each four units
  • Extra tests to be used as evaluation tests
  • Revision tests at the end of the book

Grammar File is a comprehensive grammar reference and practice book for elementary to intermediate learners of English.

  • The book presents necessary grammar points in order, from easier grammar topics to more difficult ones for language learners.
  • Each unit contains a large variety of exercises after the brief explanation of the related topic.
  • It can be used in class as well as a self-study guide.

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Nüans Publishing
Lower Secondary
Young Adults

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