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Collins Improve Your Grammar

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Young Adults/Adults

Collins Improve Your Grammar is an invaluable guide to the world of good grammar which breaks down the barriers that prevent many intelligent people from communicating effectively.

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Picking up a book on grammar takes courage, but the learner can take heart from the fact that many of the great writers, including Charlotte Bronte, were hopeless at grammar at school. Her teachers complained that she 'knew nothing of grammar', and could read only 'tolerably' and write 'indifferently'. Yet although learning and obeying the rules of grammar won't automatically bestow the grace and excellence of a Bronte on your writing, learning how written language works will certainly improve your communication skills, step by practical step.

The guide features:

  • The thirteen gremlins of grammar, from apostrophes to verbs
  • The point of sentence construction
  • The writing of good English Witty cartoons by Hunt Emerson

Collins Improve Your Grammar / 978-0-00-728808-3


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Young Adults

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