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Songbirds 6 (Christmas Carols)

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Pre Primary / Primary

Songbirds will provide hours of music and fun!

Contains many songs and lyrics organized into different themes.

This comprehensive collection of 150 children's songs is conveniently organized by theme into six books. Available separately or as a set, these songbooks and audio recordings contain many of the most familiar tunes including classroom songs, nursery rhymes, folk songs, sing-a-longs, and Christmas carols. Songs are an essential part of a child's world.

The songs we learn as children stay with us throughout our lives and are also wonderful teaching tools. Songs not only make learning fun, but they also create a comfortable and colorful atmosphere that helps children to freely express themselves in ways that simply speaking cannot. Whether at home or in the classroom, Songbirds provides hours of music and fun!

  • Lively and enjoyable songs
  • Lyrics made simple for effective learning
  • Modern versions of old favorites
  • Delightful illustrations that aid in understanding the songs main theme 

Songbirds 6 (Christmas Carols) Book with Audio CD / 9788984460911


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Level 6

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