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Phonics Show Readers 4

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Phonics Show Readers is a four-level phonics readers series designed for kindergarteners.

This series adopts a balanced approach that helps students to become a successful independent reader.

Decodable words that are deliberately chosen to practice the target sounds are repeatedly presented in the stories to be fully practiced.

This series introduces the joy of reading and build confidence.

  • Each book contains 10 different fun, high-interest decodable stories
  • Stories are phonetically controlled to emphasize particular sounds
  • Each story includes a summary of decodable words and high-frequency words
  • Cross-curricular contents: science, math, social studies, art, music, physical education, health education
  • WCPM chart to monitor students' progress in oral reading fluency

Phonics Show Readers 4 / 978-89-5997-685-0


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NE_Build & Grow
Level 4

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