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Write Right: Paragraph to Essay 1

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Lower Secondary/Secondary/Young Adults

Write Right: Paragraph to Essay is a three-level writing series for intermediate to high intermediate students. 

Each unit takes a process writing approach in order to encourage students to independently brainstorm, outline, draft, revise, and edit their own writing.

As students move through the series, they will master paragraph writing and various writing skills in order to write short essays by the end.

Book Contents:

Book 1 - Paragraph Writing: In Book 1, students will practice various types of writing, including descriptive, expository, opinion, narrative, creative, and letter writing.
Book 2 - Writing Skills: In Book 2, students will learn the various ways they can write the topic, body, and closing sentences, as well as writing about similarities, differences, reasons, effects, etc.
Book 3 - Essay Writing: In Book 3, students will expand on what they have learned about paragraph writing to write short essays on topics that require more serious thinking.


  • A process writing approach to encourage independent writing
  • Writing models that give ideas about the topics and paragraph organization
  • Easy to serious topics to introduce various ways to write
  • Sentence building exercises that are related to each unit's writing topics
  • Graphic organizers to aid in brainstorming and outlining
  • Revising and editing guidelines in the workbook

Write Right: Paragraph to Essay 1 with WB / 978-89-5997-715-4


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