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Reading Peak 3

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Secondary/Young Adults/Adults

Reading Peak is a three-level nonfiction reading series designed for intermediate to high intermediate students.

This series presents background knowledge passages to ensure a better understanding of topics while engaging the interest of readers. All readings are based on carefully considered word lists to expand students' vocabulary and develop their reading fluency.

This series includes reading comprehension questions to enhance students' critical thinking skills. With Reading Peak, students are ready to become advanced readers.

  • Engaging, academic nonfiction readings in various forms of writing
  • Interesting, informative background knowledge
  • Exercises to improve reading speed
  • Open-ended questions that strengthen students' thinking and writing skills
  • Basic reading strategies accompanied by simple exercises
  • Level-appropriate word lists and definitions before each main reading
  • Graphic organizers to support students' mind mapping abilities
  • Workbook for more vocabulary, grammar, and writing practice

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